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easymobilAD, creating a state-of-the-art
mobile landing page experience

  • Brand content
    Creative integration adding value
    to existing brand content
  • Quality & Cool design
    Re-sized visuals, choice of video sources and tailored editorial
  • Ergonomic experience
    Innovative, fun and interactive UX (User experience)
  • Template
    HTML5 template designed specifically
    for smartphones
  • Certification on all OSs
    Compatible with iOS, Android &
    Windows Phone
  • Fast turnaround
    Deployment in 48 hours and ease of localisation (language/country)

What can easymobilAD
help you with?

  • Sell !
    Support product launches
    Mini-brochure, promotional flyer
    Couponing (Passbook compatible)
  • Inform !
    Mobile brochure
    Landing page to QR code, Text campaigns
    Financial, crisis or HR communication
  • Engage !
    Mobile page fully integrated to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn apps
    Prize draw promotion
    Mobile video carousel